LEAP was founded in 2009 as a technology-enabled services company focused on high-speed document imaging technologies and automated data capture from structured and unstructured forms, with an innate ability to apply these technologies meaningfully to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

LEAP is a pioneer in facilitating education using breakthrough technologies. With dedicated teams of business and academic experts, the company has been on the forefront of heralding the next advancement in learning, thus becoming a distinctive player in bridging geographical and cultural borders.

LEAP’s unrivalled reach in providing a blend of traditional and digitized content to the schools, colleges and retail segments has helped in offering quality education to students even in the most remote parts of India. The company’s efforts has borne fruit in an extensive and well-connected network of schools, colleges and retail training centres that deliver best-in-class content.

LEAP’s technology team provides industry best and latest technological support for our business. The technical experts of this team ensure that LEAP’s studios are fully equipped with the requisite audio, video and computer systems, which enable instructors to effectively impart their instruction and interact with students. The digitally enabled ‘Lecture Platform’ allows instructors to use animation, video, audio and other presentation tools to enhance the learning process. This virtual platform blends the strengths and advantages of traditional methods of education with cutting-edge technology.

Developing courses have been considered to be provided mentioned below:

  • CA – CPT, IPC, Final
  • CAT
  • IAS
  • GMAT
  • English

LEAP is considering on outsourcing various courses with strong partners which are being located or has been located. The purpose is to provide best education system in every field of education.

The scope of the company includes high scope of employment in India in various fields including newly rising professions such as Animation, Designing and Information technology.

LEAP is considering the concept of “DIGITAL LIBRARY” The Digital Library offers comprehensive education material for preparation of important competitive exams like engineering (IIT JEE), AIPMT, CAT, IAS, CA CPT and can be further escalated to other courses providing real time study references. The course content includes video lectures of highly respected teachers accessible by the students, the company claims. The Digit Library users are also supported 24x7 by a panel of teachers for clarifying all the doubts connected via phone or computer.

Further LEAP is considering the Concept of “Satellite connected classes” providing coaching at various centres all over India, franchising its centre to budding entrepreneurs to provide growth and better infrastructure. The concept is based on providing real time classes connected through satellite for instant approach to students. Live and Interactive Learning and Training Platform has redefined access to education in India. It enables students to have interactive sessions with instructors and peers across the country, thus truly bridging the urban-rural divide.

LEAP is going to introduce an exhaustive curriculum-based eLearning portal that caters to all the academic needs of students with a focus on helping them enhance their performance at school.

Our Live classes will leverage state of the Internet to bring eminent subject experts live into the students’ homes thus eliminating geographical boundaries while learning from the best tutors. Live classes lay special emphasis on individualised attention and interactive learning.

Catering to the learning demands of an individual right higher and professional education offers wholesome, and comprehensive courses to the various age groups and learning segments. Our courses are offering online for self- learning and as LIVE classes with experts in the virtual space.

The Technology-Enabled Virtual Classrooms focus on developing technical and managerial competence among students through the development of specialized knowledge and skills through instructions from the best in the field, delivered over a unique virtual platform.